Keylogging, also known as Keystroke logging, is a method of logging tracking or logging the key pressed on a keyboard. The softwares employed for this purpose are called Keyloggers. The technique of keylogging is usually used to spy on a person by recording what keys a person pressed on the keyboard. Keylogger softwares generate text files containing the keys that have been pressed.

Most of the keyloggers are designed to work in stealth mode, that means no window will be shown on the monitor and the person being tracked will not realize that his keystrokes are being logged in the background. Keyloggers are usually activated by pressing a combination of secret keys, which makes the invisible keylogger window visible. Some keyloggers also have the feature of sending the log file to a specified email address in the background, allowing to spy on somebody from remote.

Hardware-based keyloggers are also available, but software-based keyloggers are more popular.

Many free and paid keyloggers are available on the internet. Some excellent and FREE keyloggers are listed below:

1) Actual Keylogger: It runs hidden in the background and automatically records all keystrokes (including Alt, Ctrl and other functional buttons). The interface can be password protected and the log files are encrypted. You can view the reports as HTML or plain text. In the hidden mode it is invisible in all operating systems. This free keylogger will be really helpful to both the system administrators and home users.

Get it from here

2) Ultimate Keylogger Free: KRyLack Ultimate Keylogger Free Edition is a free popular all-round monitoring solution. It runs in the background and monitors all typed keystrokes, applications, passwords, clipboard, email, and visited websites’ URLs. You can view the reports as HTML files. Ultimate Keylogger Free Edition will help you to find out, what exactly took place in the system.

Get it from here

3) Kidlogger: Another free keylogger and spying tool. Get it here.

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